This Ol’ Thing

Well I originally started this blog to technically fulfill a requirement for class. Now that it has been by and large forgotten, I feel I can post whatever I want. Which is a good thing cus well I tend to have a lot of random things to gab about. At present, I see this as my chance to have something that’s part music blog, part op-ed, as well as a place to keep a flowing journal of my travels and thoughts. About myself, I am a soon to be grad from Loyola University-New Orleans. I travel with Dirty Bourbon River Show as their road manager (as well as Jack-of-all-Trades). Originally from beautiful Minneapolis, I now reside in the equally lovely New Orleans. Currently, my day job is as a cook in a pizza kitchen, but I’m trying to change that ASAP (you know what they say about Plan A vs. Plan B). I also do some freelance work on sets of commercials. If you find yourself reading this ever, I’m sorry. But at the same time, you’re welcome.

Well, Howdy!

I’m Clay Miller, good to meet ya! I’m currently sitting on this blog while I contribute to the Dirty Bourbon River Show blog for my Multi-Media Production and Music Marketing classes during this, the spring semester of our Lord’s year 2010.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!